ready to write your damn script already (and know what to do with it)?

This program is open to all gender identities. What matters is that you're committed to your project and to contribute to a safe space for all people to come as they are.

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It's time to shake up entertainment industry.

On screen representation can be life-changing. And yet, the entertainment industry continues to marginalize the voices of so many. We have enough stories written by mediocre white men failing upwards. It's time for change.

It's time for your story.

There is no shortage of talented voices. But there is a lack of support and mentorship for those who are chronically underrepresented in this business. I'm on a mission to change that.

The Creator Lab is the place for you to write kick ass scripts, get mentorship from industry professionals, and make sh*t happen in your career.

If you are ready to write your damn script already (and know what to do with it), the Creator Lab is for you.


The Creator Lab is an online membership program founded by Sundance award-winning actress and career coach Emily Grace, and featuring TV Writer Olivia Cuartero-Briggs (Queen of the South, The Arrangement).

Emily is here to give you support, structure and accountability to keep your project moving forward.

Olivia will give you graduate-level writing tools to craft a powerful story that you can confidently bring out into the world.

Once your screenplay is ready for the next step, you’ll learn tools on how to self-produce, navigate the festival circuit, land a literary agent or manager, connect with production companies, and how to prepare for the pitch process.

Along the way we’ll bring in working Industry Professionals for master classes, q+a sessions and interviews so that you get insider knowledge of the industry from the horse’s mouth.

Here’s what you'll get:


No matter what you intend to do with your script, it has to be good. You’ll learn graduate-level writing tools from Olivia in a series of videos so that you can craft a script that is sellable. From the basic fundamentals like conceptualization, character creation and relationships, to script formatting, story structure, loglines, pitches, and outlines.

These are the same tools Olivia uses as a TV staff writer. When you follow them, you’ll know what steps to follow to write, revise and polish your script with confidence..

Want to meet Olivia and get a sneak peek into The Creator Lab? Click here


So you want to sell your screenplay or TV show. That means you’ll need a compelling pitch. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

In this video series you’ll learn exactly what is expected of you in a pitch meeting from your pitch content, to pitch deck, and presentation...from a working TV writer. This level of real world experience and insight is invaluable.


You’ve crafted a compelling pitch, now what? How do you get your foot in the door?

In this series we’ll show you the roadmap to get there, from how to connect with representation, production companies and other industry pros who can get you in the room. And you’ll know exactly what to do once you’re there.


Different writers have different goals. Once you learn how to craft a pitch, you have the tools you need to get your project made. Whether you want to sell it, or self produce, you get to decide which choice is right for you.

You’ll learn the tools you need to attract talent, hire a collaborative team and get into production. You’ll know what steps to follow to track all the moving parts without losing your mind.


While you create your script, we’ll keep the ball rolling on your other career goals. Emily will help you get clarity, ask for what you want, create and maintain relationships, and feel the fear + do it anyway. Whether you are an actor, a filmmaker, a director, or someone who wears multiple hats, the steps to create your own success are the same.

Through this process you will create the habit of consistent action, to focus on the things that actually move your career forward so that you can create the success you envision the fastest way possible.


2 Monthly Work Sprints  

One of the biggest challenges to writing your script, or consistent career momentum, is finding time to take action. That’s why we’ll meet as a group online every other week to make time for your biggest goals. This week it may be a rewrite, next week it’s reaching out to your producer connections, whatever needs to get done on your to do list, we’ve got you covered.

Monthly Coaching Call With Olivia

Each month Olivia will host a call where you have the opportunity to ask questions, work through your writer's block, and get the help you need to keep your project moving. Getting this kind of support from a working tv writer is invaluable.  

Monthly Hot Seat Coaching Call With Emily

You'll have the opportunity to volunteer for a deep dive, laser focused coaching session directly with Emily. These sessions are designed to bring you the clarity you need to take massive action in your career. One of Emily’s specialties is breaking a big goal down into tangible next steps so that you can keep the ball rolling and stay out of overwhelm.

Bonus Trainings

We have bonus trainings throughout the year to focus on specialized skills that will help you move the needle on your project and stay on track.

Special Events

We screen films to discuss them as a group so you can see master the writing tools you're learning. Plus we have occasional industry guests to give you the inside scoop on different aspects of the business.

Past guests have include: Writer/Director Sara Zandieh (Good Girls, A Simple Wedding), Actress/Filmmaker Lynn Chen (I Will Make Your Mine), TV Writer J Holtham (Jessica Jones, Super Girl) and writer/director Jordan Roberts (Burn Your Maps, starring Vera Farmiga, Oscar-winning Animated Feature Big Hero Six).  

Monthly Feedback Sessions

During these sessions you will be paired with a small group of your peers to test your script. You'll see what works and what needs work, as well as build the muscle of giving and receiving feedback.

Staged Readings

You'll have the opportunity for a staged reading of your completed draft in front of an audience of your peers.

Are We A Match? 

The Creator Lab is not a good fit for everyone. It works best for a particular kind of womxn with these qualities…

  • You want to join a community of awesome and supportive people (we accept all gender identities)
  • You know how special it is to have this kind of support from working professionals who know what they're talking about and actually want to help you succeed
  • You make your own content (or you’re ready to start)
  • You have an idea you’ve been thinking about forever and you’re ready to write it already
  • You are new to storytelling and want the tools to know what you’re doing and kick ass
  • OR You are an experienced writer who wants an environment of structure, mentorship and accountability to finish your current project or start your next one
  • You intend to produce your own content (and act in it), and want guidance on how to make that happen
  • You intend to pitch and sell your project to someone else and want to learn how to do that (with or without representation)
  • You plan to go on the festival circuit with your finished project and want to maximize that opportunity once you’re there
  • You want support to keep the rest of your career plates spinning
  • You have a great sense of humor and like hanging out with other people who are up to big things too
  • You believe in anti-racism, diversity, inclusion and equity know that building relationships is a crucial part of your success plan
  • You want candid, direct feedback

If that’s you, what are you waiting for? Hang out with us...and you will make sh*t happen!

Join us for $197 a month

Enrollment for The Creator Lab is now closed

Get on the waitlist to find out the minute we open our doors again

Meet Olivia + Get A Sneak Peek Into The Creator Lab...

This is just a sneak peek into writing 101. Imagine what else you'll learn when you join us.

What happens after you join?

This program is designed with your success in mind. Each step builds on the one that came before. Follow the steps in order for a the fastest route to where you want to go.

When you join, you'll receive a welcome email with your next steps, and get instant access to our exclusive facebook group.

Your membership begins with Writing 101. You’ll learn graduate level writing tools from Olivia that will get you moving on your idea. It’s imperative that you lay a strong foundation for your script. Nothing else we teach you will help your project if the script is bad.

Once 101 is completed, you'll have a fully workshopped short script and you can move into...

Writing 201, where you'll learn how to Craft A Compelling Pitch and develop a full length project. You'll also have the option to move into self production of your short piece at this point.

At the end of Writing 201 you’ll have a fully workshopped feature film or tv pilot.

Once your full length project is done, you'll learn A Roadmap To Get In The Pitch Room, so you can get your foot in the door and Get Your Project Made.

Whether you want to move into self production or pitch and sell your work, you'll learn how to do both so you can decide what's best for your project.

It is required that you spend a minimum of 60 days in Writing 101, and 60 days in Writing 201. This path has been designed with your success in mind.

What others say about working with us...

-Cherene Francis

I thought writing would be easier than acting. I had no idea how challenging it would be and how much I’d have to face when I chose to tell my own stories.

The action I took (and am still struggling to take) is to keep going, even when (and maybe especially when) it’s hard. Just keep writing one more word and then another. Stay at it. Even when there’s no time to write, make time to write. And like Olivia says (via Stephen King)...”oftentimes the only way out is through.” Keep pushing through it!

I have two feature film drafts, and an award-winning short I directed as a one-act play in front of a packed house just months after it was written. I still can hardly believe that happened!

Olivia sets the bar HIGH, and doesn’t let us take the easy route. We’ve all benefited from her standard of excellence, real-life work experience and natural talent for teaching.”

-Brea Angelo

Before I joined Creator Lab, I was writing a lot, but was never sure how to take what I had written and raise it to a professional level. I joined Creator Lab hoping to learn how to "level up" with my writing and learn how to move forward with it to create a career.

Committing to ALL aspects of the program has had a huge impact,  instead of picking and choosing what I want to do and what I "have time for".

All of the different parts of the program are important in my development as a screenwriter. I am more committed to my writing and I feel confident I am acquiring the tools I need.

If you're on the fence, sign up for a month and then DO THE WORK! I'm confident that if you do, you'll see the benefits of Creator Lab and want to continue being a part of the program.

-Melanie Collup

I have been trying to articulate the emotion of this project, and assumed people would know what I meant without having to say it.

Emily's Power Player Retreat helped me realize that I can be direct and bold in my language, and that the thing I was afraid to say out-loud is actually the thing that grabs the listener."

-Karole Foreman

After years of dabbling with writing, I have notebooks filled with story ideas, plot outlines, scene breakdowns, character descriptions, bits of dialogue, and even one almost finished rough draft, but not one completed project! I needed guidance and accountability - someone to show me what to do and then to kick my ass until I did it! 

I've learned that if I want results, I HAVE to put in the work. This program put the "work" into small, manageable steps that made it much easier not only to get started, but also to keep going!

I don't feel stuck anymore. I'm not running (or even walking) yet, but I'm moving forward, I'm growing in knowledge and confidence, and I'm excited about writing.

Think of the Creator Lab as Pilates for the Artist's soul - it requires effort, but you'll be a stronger, better, more disciplined writer by the end of it. If you thrive on creativity, but need some help with your follow through... this is the place for you!

-Patty Kiernan

“Before working with Emily, I was stuck in a toxic cycle with myself creatively. Feeling like I was always working yet never feeling like I was going anywhere. Emily gives clear feedback that helps me dream big but also dream with direction.  

Today, I have solidified the format for a creative project dear to my heart that ties into my vision statement so well, I feel like I know where I am going now even when I am not sure about all the how’s. 

Through this program I have met incredible women from all over who are also on the journey to focus on their work and ourselves again. Yes, we are all badass actress/creator/multi-hyphenate superstars, but we are human first and showing up for each other unfolds in so many wonderful ways. It has a huge impact creatively.” -Autumn Silvas

"I am writing a new short film to produce and wanted to know how to reach out to name talent and get them interested. The Power Player Retreat gave me tangible next steps on how to do that.

I feel confident in my next steps and how to make my pitch letter strong."

-Tara Troy

Life was scary in my "I'm not good enough to be a writer" feelings. I still struggle with that, but I'm gaining confidence and an understanding of the creative process from the program!

Just diving into writing my first 4-5 page scene. I told myself it was ok for it to be terrible and I based it on a fanfiction from one of my fave TV shows (oh gosh I just outed myself as a reader of fanfiction). But once I got to page 5 and I had an ending, I was like "Ok, this is possible." Now onto re-writing it lol.

I'm LESS scared of calling myself a writer or creator but I still have a long way to go.

This program has given me confidence, with reminders that everyone else often feels overwhelmed, and the encouragement to just keep going, that wherever I am is ok!

"If you keep doing what you've been doing, you'll keep getting what you've been getting," so if you want to actually DO something, TRUST YOURSELF and take the plunge.

The knowledge we're getting from Emily and Olivia is really valuable even if you ultimately don't end up creating what you thought you would once you signed up.

- Jill Maglione

Subverting Expectations in Writing 101 turned on a lightbulb in my head and has improved my ability to plot a story.

Creator Lab has really helped me actually WRITE. I also love the constructive feedback sessions, I feel so comfortable and supported by these fellow artists, that now I actually look forward to sitting down to write rather than dreading the fight with my inner critic that often comes along with the writing process.

I have gained deeper knowledge of script structure. Useful feedback. Accountability.

If you're considering joining this program, Just. Do. It! You won't regret it.

-Rachel Sledd

“I sort of stumbled into writing after being in the industry as an actor. I was writing the remake of a film with a writing partner and realized that I was faking much more than I should be. I felt out of control in terms of formatting and structure and was aware there was plenty that I, '...didn't know I didn't know.' 

Olivia laid the groundwork for me to turn an idea into a living piece with a tone, logline, character and season arcs.

I have sold two screenplays, consistently write and produce for a podcast and have been pitching a pilot to production companies."

-Ashley Eskew

Before Creator Lab I had a script that was missing the kind of depth that makes a story really compelling. I was hoping to flesh out my plot points and characters and to take it from 'on paper' to pitch and sell stage.

Learning about character squares was a very clear blueprint for how to create compelling characters with the ability to drive story endlessly.

Creator Lab has helped flesh out my script and find the strongest story.

Coaching was a great way to learn in a supportive environment, to know how to give and receive clear and helpful feedback in a healthy way.

Could you put the same amount of time, attention and money into learning this on your own and have the expertise, support and outcome you want?

-Kristina Paras

Before I worked with Emily I was feeling lost. I wanted to be more confident in my outreach and acting business stuff but I also wanted to write.

Through this program I have realized that I really do have it within me. It’s just overcoming the fear and getting some great advice! I really believe that I am an actress and writer. That I have what it takes. I’m asking for help when I need it. Getting good people around me to support me.

I have outlined the first series for a new comedy TV show. I have got much more creative in the outreach emails I’m writing. I have a newfound confidence and new friendships.

If you are feeling stuck. If you want to move forward. If you’re fed up with feeling like nothing is changing but you have this creative need within you … DO THIS PROGRAM!” -Sarah Flower

“I learned how to get to the heart of my piece so that the listener wants to know more.

Now they are invested when I describe the story points and character journey, instead of tuning out."

-Ayesis Clay

The biggest issue I’ve been having is being able to talk about my project with confidence. Listening to the other women during their Hot Seats, I started to wonder, 'Why would someone listen to what I have to say?'

During the workshop, I learned how that kind of vulnerability in my pitch will make it even stronger.

Before this, I was struggling to understand why I’m so passionate about this project, but now that I see the parallels it makes a lot of sense!

And Emily helped me see how I can communicate the heart of my story by sharing a bit of myself.

Emily created a very safe space to share.”

-Filippa Kaye

“Before Olivia’s class I was a frustrated actor waiting for other people to give me opportunities. I was hoping to gain a skill set to change that and create my own opportunities.

I wrote the early drafts of the screenplay for the short film that I went on to raise funds to produce and star in. My short film is playing its second festival this month.

It's amazing to have a project in the works without needing someone else to give me the opportunity. I am now in the process of writing a pilot that folks are taking interest in and I don't even want to act in it. Or at least, I'm not writing the protagonist role for myself. I would not have, one year ago, believed that would be something I would or could do.

If you’re thinking about working with Olivia, Nike said it best. Just do it. Get off the fence and start writing something. You can make something of your own, and you can make it better than you would without a community and a leader who is sincerely interested in your voice.”

-Lauren Noll

"Before taking classes with Olivia I had never written a script longer than 15 pages, so it feels really good to be almost done with my first feature!

Olivia creates such a supportive and fun community that I am so grateful to be a part of."

-Jessy Holtermann


In addition to coaching my clients to create success on their own terms, I’m also a Sundance award-winning actress, a writer, director, producer, wife and dog mom. I know what it’s like to wear many hats, be full of ambition, super busy yet still feel like I’m not making progress in any areas of my life.

In fact, I have a tv pilot I’ve been meaning to get around to for about 10 years now. Every time I sat down to write, I realized I had no idea what I was doing. I’d start then stop, hate everything, delete, take a break, then start up again a few months later. This cycle went on for years until I finally realized, even though I understand storytelling from the actor’s point of view, I didn’t truly understand how to write a screenplay.

That’s when I found a class taught by Olivia. And everything changed. Now I’m halfway through the second draft of my tv pilot, and what’s even better is I love the script! I love the characters, I crack myself up all the time, and I have confidence that the script is good.

But even with that said, one of the things I struggled with in class was finding time to write. Being consistent. Not making everything else in my life come to a halt to focus on this script.

I made a ton of progress, but it was still a struggle. And as a coach, many of my actress/creator clients were struggling with the same thing.

That is exactly why I created this program. Because writing structure is paramount to finishing your script (and having confidence in your work). But you also need to build consistent habits to stay in the flow of action with your writing, and the rest of your career goals. To be in an environment of other ambitious women who are up to big things who can cheer you on. To have structure and support to keep you accountable and on the hook. And the tools you need to truly make shit happen in your career.

I can't wait to work with you!


Olivia is a mom, a teacher, and an award-winning writer with a masters from Tisch School of the Arts. When she's not in the TV writers room, she's developing new shows, banging out comic books, and hanging with her two young daughters. Recent credits include Queen of the South on USA, The Arrangement on E!, Mary Shelley Monster Hunter series for Aftershock Comics, and a soon-to-be-released ongoing series called That Summer for the Meet Cute Podcast.

"I've been an arts educator for most of my adult life, and always knew, no matter where my career took me, giving back to my community would always be a part of it. Dramatic writing, particularly in television,

has a long, rich history of mentorship, and one that has been instrumental to every success I've had. The problem is, getting to the point where a professional, industry mentor can be of use to a new writer is a journey.

I learned this the hard way, spinning my wheels for half a decade in Hollywood, before ultimately going to NYU Tisch for graduate school. And grad school is great. Much greater if, unlike me, you have thousands of dollars burning a hole in your pocket.

My goal is to help folks who want to write get the tools I received, and benefit from the experiences I've had and will continue to have, in my career as a dramatic writer, without owing over two hundred grand to the federal government. If that sounds awesome, and you're ready to put in the work, I can't wait to meet you, help you on your journey, and have you become a part of mine as well."

Enrollment for The Creator Lab is now closed

Get on the waitlist to find out the minute we open our doors again