An exclusive coaching program for female and femme identifying actors who want to make sh*t happen.

Application period closes in...


Are you a multi-passionate female or femme-identifying actor who wants to create success on your own terms?  

On top of acting, do you write, produce, or create your own content?  

Are you ready to take bold action, to step outside your comfort zone, and make things happen for yourself?  

Do you crave a supportive network of like-minded women who are just as dedicated and productive as you?  

You are in the right place, my friend. 

I’m Emily Grace. As a woman who also wears many hats (actor, entrepreneur, producer, writer, director, content creator), I totally get you. I know what a catch-22 it is to have multiple passions. It’s hard to build momentum when you’re getting pulled in different directions. In fact, it can be downright paralyzing to decide which direction to follow when there are so many possibilities.  

Plus, most actors are not quite the go-getters that we are, so it’s easy to feel isolated in the industry. You don’t want to be stuck waiting for more auditions as the only route to success, plus, the entire audition process leaves you feeling frustrated. You don’t like waiting around for validation or hoping to get picked.  

Your ambition gets you thinking bigger, but it can also trap you when you struggle to get going or to stay motivated. When you’re overwhelmed and paralyzed, it’s impossible to take action. Without action, there are no results. And then you’re right back where you started, no closer to creating the big vision in your mind and heart.  

Here’s the good news... I can help you get out of your head and into action, stay accountable, push yourself out of your comfort zone and make things happen.  

And together, we can become unstoppable. 

Introducing the Pickford West POWER CLUB

This is an exclusive coaching program for no more than four women (and femme identifying people) who are all ready to kick ass and take names. Or at the very least take massive action to get massive results.  

Not only do you get the benefit of my experience and expertise, you get the shared brain power and support of the entire group.  

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” 

What is Pickford West?

Mary PICKFORD was Hollywood’s first female Power Player. Though she was only five feet tall and famous for playing little girls, she was a woman to be reckoned with. As one of the most powerful women in Hollywood in the 1920’s and 1930’s, her influence is still around today.

She was a huge star and, at a time when the studio system was forming, she broke away from studio control to form her own studio, United Artists. While it’s commonplace today for an actor to start her own production company, this was unheard of at the time. Mary Pickford, along with Charlie Chaplin, Douglas Fairbanks, and DW Griffith broke the mold and took control of their own work.

Mae WEST is famous for using her work to spread the message of a confident, sexually empowered woman. She was an actress, singer, playwright, screenwriter, comedian, and sex symbol who fought agains censorship her entire, seven decade career.  

She was a huge supporter of the gay community (her 1920’s play The Drag was banned for it’s homosexual themes) and she was way ahead of her time.  

Her plays caused a lot of controversy and she used her notoriety to transition from theatre to film, landing her first film role at the age of 38. That’s inspiring by today’s standards, let alone in the 1930’s. 

Pickford West Society Power Club is for women who want to break the rules, shake things up and make some noise.

How Does It Work?

I specialize in helping you get clarity on your vision - what do you truly want to create? Then we create a customized plan of action to get there.  

Each power group member has her own set of goals and dreams. I’ll meet you exactly where you are and help you create the most direct route to where you want to be.  

Here’s an example of how I partner with you inside the Power Club:  


What’s the vision inside your heart? What is your soul’s calling? No matter what your current goals are, the most important step creating success is to start from a place of clarity.  

The biggest thing that stops you from achieving your dreams is FEAR. When you get back to that place of freedom, joy, inspiration, or whatever your unique vision is, you have the fuel you need to get through the setbacks, obstacles, and doubt.  

I can help you feel the fear and do it anyway. At the end of the day, people need your gifts. Don’t hide your light under a bushel because of a little fear :)  


Once you know where you’re going, it’s time to create a plan to get there. I’ll help you get clear on how to break down the big picture into actionable next steps.  

Remember, what success looks like is unique to you, and your action plan will reflect that uniqueness.  

Here are just a few actions I’ve helped my clients with to create massive results:  


This business is built on relationships. The stronger and more specific your network, the more successful you will be. I’ll help you be strategic about who you are adding to your network and why.  

Building powerful relationships is an art form that I can help you with.  


Whether you’re pitching a project, a script idea or yourself, you need to know how to do it right. I can help you craft and refine your message and speak the same language as the entertainment industry for maximum impact.  


Most people never take the risk to ask for what they want, and that’s one of the biggest reasons why they don’t get it. Whether it’s asking for a meeting, requesting a referral, or asking for help, the most powerful way to get a YES is to take the risk and ask. Like with relationship building, there is an art to the ask. That’s what I’m here to help you with.  


When it comes to the success you envision for yourself, you might already know what to do, or at least you have an idea of what the next step is. But knowing isn’t enough. You have to take action. Putting yourself out there in a big way is SCARY. I can’t make your fear go away, but I can hold your hand through it while lovingly pushing you out of your comfort zone. 


What good is an action plan if you don’t implement it? The only way to get from here to where you want to be is to take consistent action. Period.  

Anyone can come up with a good idea. Not everyone can take an idea and turn it into a reality. That takes a level of commitment that most people simply don’t have.  

True accountability is crucial to creating results. And let’s face it…most of your peers right now aren’t thinking as big as you are.  

It’s time to expand.  


  • It’s putting your money where your mouth is. When you invest in staying accountable, you are much more likely to get value because you are willing to back up your investment by putting in the work.
  • It’s putting yourself on the hook publicly. Even if that “public” consists of me and 3 of your peers, declaring your intentions will keep you on the hook. Your power club is there to support and encourage you, help you get back up after a set back and celebrate your wins. 
  • It’s doing what you said you would when you said you would do it. The best results come from momentum, and momentum is created by consistent action.  
  • We all get busy, life happens, and there will be days or weeks when you don’t get everything done you said you would. That’s where the power of the group comes in, so that you can be supported through the times you are struggling, so you don’t get stuck for long.

Does this sound familiar?  

You want to create and tell stories, but you get stuck somewhere in the process. Or maybe you feel stuck in your acting career and you don’t know how to change that.  

You know that marketing, relationship building and bold action are important, but you’re not quite sure how to piece together a plan of action that actually works.  

You want to step outside of your comfort zone, but it’s scary! You don’t want to say something dumb or be that annoying, needy actor who puts people off.  

You are committed to creating your own content, but you don’t know everything it takes to get that going. Thinking about what that actually takes becomes so overwhelming that you get paralyzed and stuck in your head.  

It’s hard for you to take consistent action because #life.  

You crave a community of supportive women. You can’t do everything by yourself, but sometimes your friends and family either don’t get what you’re trying to accomplish, or their own fear stops them from supporting you fully.  

If you knew what steps to take, and you were on the hook to stay accountable, you would thrive.  

You want to see more women in entertainment, period, and you’re excited to support your fellow ladies on their journey to success.

What others say about working with Emily...

Siggi went from an idea to a completed screenplay

“I will find every excuse in the book to do something else before I’ll do the writing. If I had been on my own, I’d have may 5-10 pages by now. Having to set goals each week, and report in on them, has given me the impetus to keep moving. Power Club has helped me believe that I can make things’s so nice to be around other women who are pursuing their goals and seeing things happen.” 

-- Siggi Jung

I feel clarity and confidence in who I am and what I bring to the table. I feel like suddenly I have a lot more of my career in my own hands. Thanks so much, Emily. You do great work. :-)”  

-- Rebecca Weaver

“I’m more focused on what I need to be doing and feeling more confident! Less overwhelmed! The thing I liked best was how accessible Emily was..."  

-- Robynn Lin Fredericks

“I’m even more focused than before because I have even more clarity about what I want to do and with whom. I feel more confident in contacting people because I know what to say and how."  

-- India Autry

"If anyone is considering working with this woman, don’t think, just DO! Not only did she provide me with a wealth of information and resources, but practical, focused, life changing stuff." 

-- Karole Foreman

“Everyone always tells you that the odds are against you, the statistics are ridiculous, there are SO many people trying to do the same thing you are – You have a better chance of winning the lottery than you do of making acting a career…  

Right, there are TONS of people you’re competing against, but it becomes less daunting when you realize that MOST of those people probably aren’t employing those necessary business and marketing strategies and doing so consistently. Once YOU do, you WILL see results, you WILL realize that pool of competition becomes much smaller and that THIS SH*T ACTUALLY WORKS!”  

--Nicole Vogt-Lowell

"I have learnt that it takes time to trust and develop relationships and not to be in such a rush. I feel less afraid to ask for what I want, not worried if something doesn’t work out, and more picky about who I want to choose to work with. It’s a great way to get hold of your career, to think out of the box, to be reminded of how to connect with people and to relax! Thank you Emily! I really loved this class and am very grateful to you.”  

--Jumaan Short

“I have gotten more done in the last two months than…probably ever.”  

-- Kelli Ambrose

“I was worried about whether it would be any different than the dozens of books I’ve read or what I’ve learned with my acting coach. It was worth every penny. It was more than I expected. Emily has organized tried and true information, incorporated social media which a lot of coaches don’t really grasp yet, and gave me the structure I needed. I’m a lot more confident when it comes to networking.  

-- Lisann Valentin

“Before working with Emily I used to hate social media – I thought it was the dumbest thing! But now that I understand it, I actually love it. Not only has it helped me create better relationships with people in the industry, but it has created more lively conversations with people in person as well. I have also been able to get my own press picked up, which has led to other interviews and the opportunity to spread the word about my producing projects as well.”  

-- Laura Nordin

Let's Do This

When you're selected for the Pickford West Power Club, here’s what you’ll get:  

You will join 3 other ambitious, dynamic, powerhouse women who are just as productive as you. This is your safe space to let your mess be messy, to be seen, heard and understood by people who get it, and get you.  

It’s often the most challenging experiences that bring the biggest lessons, and your group is the place to allow yourself to receive insight, support, encouragement, resources, and to reflect that level of care back to your group members.  

A win for one of us is a win for all of us.  

You don’t have to have it all together or all figured out here. You just need to be committed to showing up for yourself, for your group, and to take the next step. 

You'll Also Get...


Once a quarter you'll have an industry guest speaker. This is a rare opportunity to connect with an inudustry power player in an intimate environment, ask questions, and learn from their experience. Past guests have included filmmaker Rainy Kerwin, actress/filmmaker Lynn Chen, tv writer J Holtham (Jessica Jones, Super Girl) and writer/director Jordan Roberts (Burn Your Maps, starring Vera Farmiga). 


Every other week you meet with your group via Zoom. Each group member gets a dedicated 30-minute coaching session with me. One of the biggest benefits of this coaching model is, not only do you get the value of your personal coaching, you get the value of the suggestions given to every other woman. We are often struggling with the same issues, obstacles, anxieties and stuckness. Getting to be part of another woman’s coaching may just leave you with the exact tidbit you needed to hear!  


Every other week you’ll have a scheduled work session in our private facebook group. This time is used to share your material, ask specific questions and get my personal feedback on whatever you need help with. Your work sessions happen during the weeks when you don't have a coaching call, so you get access to me every single week and keep the ball rolling.


Once a month we’ll meet in person for drinks, dinner, brunch, lunch, coffee, hiking, board games...something where we can put aside the to-do list and have some fun.  

Don’t live in Los Angeles? Two of these events will be virtual so you can participate from anywhere (and possibly more depending on social distancing needs).

So, how much is it?

Power Group requires a 6-month commitment. The next session begins the week of July 13, 2020.  

You will be automatically billed $297 a month. 

Pickford West Power Club is by application and is NOT the right fit for everyone. Please make sure this is the right group for you. 

This IS for you if…  

  • You are committed to your goals, even if you don’t always know what steps to take 
  • You are not afraid of doing the work 
  • You are willing to make time in your schedule take consistent action  
  • You are open to honest, candid feedback  
  • You are willing to take bold action, even if it scares the crap out of you  
  • You welcome out of the box strategies  
  • You want to majorly uplevel your circle of influence

This is NOT for you if…  

  • You’re only focused on getting representation and more auditions #so1997  
  • The only relationships you think are valuable are agents, managers and casting directors  
  • You want your team to handle your career so you don’t have to  
  • You are looking for a magic pill  
  • You do not feel comfortable in a group setting  
  • You are not coachable  
  • You are not willing to step outside of your comfort zone  
  • You only care about what you can get out of the group, you aren’t interested in supporting other people 

Available Power Clubs

The next round begins the week of July 13. All times are pacific standard.

Mondays 2-4pm

Tuesdays 2-4pm

Thursdays 1-3pm

Saturdays 1-3pm


Spots are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. 

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