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For actors who write, writers who act, and emerging filmmakers.

Get 6 months of high level support to finally write and produce your damn script already!


Screening At A Film Festival

"I had never written a screenplay before and now I've completed post-production for my short film! We recently screened at our first of many festivals - Coney Island Film Festival. I loved starting small, with writing a short script, then following that with the self production modules. It breaks everything down into tangible, manageable steps. If you're serious about creating your own work, this is a great place to be."

Kelly Camille Patterson

Your Project Matters

Enroll now to write the script + make the film that can show the industry what you’re capable of

Let’s wave the magic wand, shall we?

Imagine you never have to wait for permission from the industry to do what you love.
You have the skills you need to write powerful scripts about stories that matter to you.

To tailor a role to your unique acting strengths, and cast yourself in a leading role anytime you choose to do so.

Would that make a difference to your creative fulfillment? To your acting career?

It might mean the freedom to say no to the roles and auditions that don’t light you up…because you know exactly how to write + produce the ones that do.

Or it might mean a break from the stress, anxiety and powerlessness of waiting for the industry to pick you, and hoping a substantial role finally comes along.

You've probably heard that writing and producing your own work can open the door to bigger things (take Issa Rae, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Quinta Brunson or Greta Gerwig, for example) but…

  • You don’t know how to turn your idea into an actual script?
  • You have no idea what self production entails or where to begin?
  • You’ve tried to write a project in the past and it didn’t go anywhere?
  • You like the idea of making your own projects but it feels too overwhelming to figure out on your own?
  • You’re not entirely sure you actually could do this?
  • But you're tired of waiting for permission to do what you love, and you want to DO SOMETHING about it?

If you’re saying "YES! THAT’S ME!", then it's time for you to join the Make Sh*t Happen Club. Let's get you a short film that you LOVE that you can star in and share with the world.


This Online Membership Is Designed To Give You The Support You Need To Write The Best Possible Script And Make The Most Powerful Film.

Don’t create in a vacuum! Whether you’re on your first draft or final polish, you’ll write a better script in less time with high level feedback and a community of friends who are there to cheer you on.

Finally write your damn script!



Plus these bonuses...

Quarterly Goal Setting

During this session you’ll break your big project down into quarterly milestones, monthly goals and weekly action steps. Then drop into a weekly accountability check in to stay on track.


The Get Sh*t Done Workshop

Clarify your goals, set a path, and design the consistent habits you need to get sh*t done. Our team will help you stay accountable to these goals throughout your membership.

The Table Read

Every few months we organize a table read of finished scripts so you can share your work. Cast your project, read the role you wrote for yourself (if you did), and share your finished script with a live audience for unbiased feedback.

Happy Hour Hang

Special events to build our community, deepen our relationships, socialize and have fun.

Special Guests

Occasionally we’ll bring in special industry guest for interviews, panels, q+a, and special events.


Amy Talkington

Co-Executive Producer + Writer for Little Fires Everywhere

Movie Night

Once in a while we’ll watch a feature film, a series of shorts, or a tv pilot, then talk through the structure as a group. We’ll even screen your finished film when you’re ready!

Join Now

It’s time to make your project a priority

Imagine it’s a year from now, you’ve written an amazing script, you’re done with production on your film, and you’re ready to share this amazing project with the world.

How will that make you feel?

Join Today.

Let's make sh*t happen!

This program is a 6 month minimum.

Pay In Full Membership

$997/6 months

save $185 with this option

*no further payments

Monthly Membership


6 month commitment required

*then 5 monthly payments of $197*

You Have A Story Worth Telling.

Don’t let procrastination and a busy schedule stop you from making this project. Your story matters. You are the best person to tell it. Storytelling is the most powerful tool we have to connect with others and effect change.

Think of the impact your story will have on the people who need to hear it most. I can’t wait to help you get this project done and make some sh*t happen!


What is the schedule?

All times are pacific, and subject to change

Accountability + Work Sprint

  • Every week on Monday, 2-4pm

Drop In Feedback with Emily*

  • 2nd Friday of the month, 1-4pm

*page submission open to all members

Group Coaching Call

  • 3rd Thursday of the month, 11am-12:30pm

Feedback Sessions with Melanie*

  • 4th Tuesday of the month, 12-2pm
  • 4th Wednesday of the month, 12-2pm

*Assigned member page submissions only

What if I can't be there live?

If you can't make it to feedback, submit your work the night before. Your pages will be read by your peers and you will receive a recording of your feedback.

All coaching calls will be available as a replay. You must be there live to receive coaching support. 

All special events (guest speakers, clinics) will be recorded so you can catch what you missed.

Events like movie screenings, happy hours, and accountability check ins are not recorded.

Does this Club include digital programs?

Yes. During you 6 month membership you will have access to the Short Film Lab and the Self Production Program.

Follow these programs in order and bring your work to feedback sessions. Bring your questions to coaching calls.

Upon completion of your 6 month membership, you will retain lifetime access to these digital programs.

Do I get lifetime access to the MSH recordings when I leave the Club?

No. Your access to replays of Make Sh*t Happen events and coaching calls will end at the end of your membership.when you choose to leave the club.

Meet The Team

About Emily


group coaching call + feedback group leader

I’m Emily Grace, founder of Pickford West Society and creator of the Make Sh*t Happen Club. In addition to helping actors finally write + produce their damn script already, I’m also a Sundance award-winning actress (Special Jury Prize for Emotional Truth).

I had an idea for a script I wanted to write forever. I thought writing would be easy. After all I had extensive acting training, I’d read hundreds of scripts and broken down a bazillion auditions. I knew how to break down a scene and craft a performance. Not to mention my time behind the camera, when I worked with an independent film producer in the $5M -$50M range.

I learned the hard way that writing can feel impossible when you create in a vacuum and try to figure it out all by yourself. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

When I stopped trying to figure it out all by myself, I got help. I studied with a working TV writer who showed me professional-level tools to finally turn my idea into a script I was proud of. Instead of creating in a vacuum, I learned a step-by-step process I could follow to get my script to the finish line. And I got there so much faster (and it was way more fun) than the painful process of going it alone.

For the past 15 years I've helped actors create success on their own terms. Once I learned how to write, I found myself sharing these tools over and over again with my clients. It was clear to me how many actors want to create their own project, but they don't know how to get started.

That's why I created this program.

Learning how to write + produce is an act of empowerment. Once you learn these tools, you never have to wait for the industry to pick you in order to do what you love. You can create the kind of projects that matter to you, the stories you most want to see, and use the films you create to put yourself on the map.

I invite you to join me.

About Melanie

Feedback group leader

I am an actress and screenwriter out of love. I became a producer and filmmaker out of necessity. I don’t wait anymore for other people to give me the opportunity to act. I create those opportunities for myself!

The first short film I ever wrote for myself to act in won the award for Best Comedy Film at the Austin Micro Film Festival. And my half-hour comedy pilot (with a lead role I wrote for myself) has been placing in multiple screenwriting competitions, including being a finalist in the Female Driven Screenwriting Contest.

I have two short films and an eight episode web series scheduled to shoot this year!

I love helping other actors create opportunities for themselves (I guess that’s a carryover from my years as a public school teacher!) through their writing and self-producing. And it’s so much more fun than sitting home and waiting for my phone to ring!

My wish for you...

As an actor, it can feel like so much of your career is out of your hands. But I firmly believe you have so much more power than you realize.
Learning how to write a professional-level short film is an act of empowerment.
Instead of waiting for permission, or hoping to get picked, you get to take control of your own success.

It means you can…

Write the kind of role only you can play, so you can show the industry exactly what you’re capable of.

Write the stories that matter to you, so the time and energy you spend on your career feels meaningful.

Put yourself in control of your success, so you never have to wait to get picked by the industry.

Open the doors to bigger opportunities that are in alignment with the kind of work you care about.

Leave a lasting impact on your audience, who will be inspired, moved, and affected by the stories you choose to tell.

Unlike a feature film, or a tv pilot, learning how to write a short takes less time. Self-production is absolutely within reach. And you get a tangible project that you can share with the world a lot faster.

This builds your confidence as a writer, and inspires you to create more and more projects that excite and fulfill you.

My wish for you is the power of your own
creative fulfillment.

That's what this program is for. If that speaks to you, then what are you waiting for? Say yes to yourself and let’s get started!

I'm ready to get started