PODCAST: Film Broads, See?

A podcast for women who want to learn how to write and produce a film they love.


Like so many things, this podcast was inspired by female rage. I’m tired of seeing so many badly written scripts by mediocre white men getting made.

I’m tired of seeing actresses feel frustrated and powerless in their careers, settling for one dimensional roles like the "hot girl" or the "thanklessly supportive spouse" - whose only function is to help the protagonist look and feel good - that don’t showcase what they're truly capable of.

And it breaks my heart to see how many types of people Hollywood loves to marginalize and exclude who feel like they can’t make their voice heard (or get their story told) without permission from the entertainment industry.

The truth is you CAN learn how to write an amazing script that you love, about stories that matter to you, and you can make your project without compromise or waiting to get picked.

And that’s exactly what you’ll learn how to do in this podcast.

With inspiration from the pioneering women of the golden age of hollywood to today’s changemakers and disruptors, this podcast is for you if you’re an actress, a newbie writer or filmmaker, and you have a burning desire to create your own projects but you don’t know how to get started.


IF YOU'RE GOING TO write + produce your script, THE WRITING HAS TO BE good!


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I created Pickford West Society to help women learn how to write and produce their short film, so they never have to wait for permission to do what they love.

Inspired by the pioneering women of the Golden Age of Hollywood, Mary Pickford and Mae West, I LOVE helping my fellow creatives make an impact with their stories and take their success into their own hands.